Whether you just "stumbled" upon us or you count yourself a JKEST supporter..... We Truelly Welcome You!!!!!

We count it all Joy and a True Blessing to present JKEST Creations to you! Without Our "Founder" & CEO... Jesus Christ we would not be in the current situation we are in...

Long story short JKEST exsists and will only continue to exist with HiS Blessing! As a result certain aspects may seem slow going... but forward we go with HiS leading! Our motto and meaning of JKEST is: Jesus Keeps Everyone Spiritually Together!!!!! More info on this can be found on our blog.The ultimate goal of JKEST Creations is to personally create T-Shirts that spread the love of Jesus. Our inspiration comes first and foremost from our Creator. Second, our 5 JKEST Blessings... all so uniquely different; and so special to us and HIM!!!

We are currently working on the website and business aspects of JKEST... slowly, as the Lord leads!!! We are always open to suggestions, comments and ideas as we are new to all aspects! We could ultimately be pennyless in app. 6 months... but know we have a Great Provider!!! Whether this is where JKEST will come in or sooner is completely in HiS timing! The Lord has already shown us many of HiS provisions... and we will continue to Faithfully look to HiM to direct JKEST Creations and our lives. We Live in HiM... For HiM... and Through HiM!!!

For those interested in our current T-shirt design... we do have a limited amount available for purchase... currently you will need to E-mail us at: Vicki@jkestcreations.com let us know you'd like a shirt; leave your name & phone # and we will get back to you ASAP.

                          In HiS Service, JKEST Creations

For more information on JKEST Creations please feel free to visit our blog http://jkestcreations.blogspot.com